Batch No.8

Rock Description= Upon collection the rocks are burgundy, with brown undertones. Undetermined impurities colour the rocks, presenting with iron-rich qualities. Sedimentary rock with an undetermined rock sub-category.

Preliminary Fire Temperature= 955 C

Mill Time= 5 hours

Water Weight= 750.00g

Particulate Weight= 247.00g

Post-mill Protocol= 100 mesh, after sieve removed a significant amount of water leaving the slip thicker.

Material Behaviours= Following the ^06 preliminary firing, the particulate’s moderate iron content surfaced into warm dust on the surface. The impurities at this stage, are presenting uniformly as iron-rich. The slip is a dark red-brown, and the particulate settles rapidly, sticking to the bottom of the container, and so, requiring much agitation to maintain consistency in application and regain workability. The water that settles on the surface takes on a significant amount of the impurities, meaning, the water is browned by the specific impurities in the particulate.

^5 Fire Results= No signs of a significant silica proportion is reportable at this firing.

^10 Fire Results=  From the results, an estimation of the silica proportion is minimal. Meaning the surface is, however integrated into the tile, considerably dry and has not shown any signs of reaching a melting point.

^5 Surface Description= At this temperature the colour of the dry particulate is a warm purple-brown.

^10 Surface Description=  At this high temperature, the colour has been altered significantly to become a warm brown. The surface persists as dry.

ID 13:

[The surface remains unstable but with significant adhesion to the square ceramic tile. The colours presenting are mauve and the particulate is pulled back around the edges of the square tile, exposing the yellow-stained raw ceramic below. Due to the remaining porosity and permeability, there is a grit present in the material’s surface. This grit is pronounced but remains fine.]

ID 14:

[The surface is stable but its porosity is intact. Due to the remaining porosity and permeability, there is a grit present in the material’s surface. This grit is so pronounced that dust is resting on the surface in various places on the square ceramic tile. The colour is a mid-toned brown that is mottled due to the appearance of this aforementioned grit feature. The tile has a cool-toned brown particulate peels back at the edges of the tile, exposing a stained raw edge of the below ceramic tile. The tile’s qualities are deceptively similar to common sandpaper.]