Batch No.5

Rock Description= Upon collection the rocks are purple hued, with a brown undertone. Undetermined impurities colour the rocks, presenting with iron-rich qualities. Sedimentary rock with an undetermined rock sub-category.

Preliminary Fire Temperature= 1060 C

Mill Time= 7 hours

Water Weight= 750.00g

Particulate Weight= 278.00g

Post-mill Protocol= 100 mesh, after sieve removed a significant amount of water leaving the slip thicker.

Material Behaviours= Following the ^06 preliminary firing, the particulate’s slight but evident iron content surfaced into warm dust on the surface. The impurities at this stage, are presenting uniformly as iron-rich. This dark-eggshell beige slip does not settle fast, nor does it hug to the bottom of the container. Little agitation needed to regain workability from the slight settling that occurs.

^5 Fire Results= From these results, the change in tonal quality and colour is evident in the dual tones of pink and yellow. Distinct from the other, where the particulate pooled heavier, the colours yellow and pink have an iridescent quality to them.

^10 Fire Results= From the results, an estimation of the silica proportion is moderate-to-high.

^5 Surface Description= At this temperature, despite seeing the particulates integration into the ceramic surface, the particulate remains without any signs of vitrification although there is a significant development of surface quality at this temperature.

^10 Surface Description= At this high temperature too, the silica proportion is clear, causing a monumental glass quality to the surface. The colour’s saturation now waned, but is still holding onto a subtle warm undertone.

ID 8:

[The surface is stable but its porosity is intact. Multiple in its colour, this square tile contains a range of pink and yellow throughout. Where the particulate pools—or a heavier application—the yellow hues present among the pink. The surface is rough and hugs parallel with the coarse surface of the ceramic tile. The edges of the tile the particulate is void, exposing small portions of the raw ceramic at the hairline of the tile’s edge.]

ID 9:

[The vitrified surface of the tile glistens in the light. There is a distinct grain preserved in the particulate, brown, and lighter brown, the surface and its marks are highly visible through the transparency of the particulate. The square tile contains warm tones and a softened but frenetic movement leading the particulate to where it landed.]