Batch No.3

Rock Description= Upon collection the rocks are light grey, with a yellow undertone. Undetermined impurities colour the rocks, presenting with iron-like qualities. Sedimentary rock with an undetermined rock sub-category.

Preliminary Fire Temperature= 999 C

Mill Time= 9 hours

Water Weight= 750.00g

Particulate Weight= 503.00g

Post-mill Protocol= 100 mesh, after sieve removed a significant amount of water leaving the slip thicker.

Material Behaviours= Following the ^06 preliminary firing, the particulate’s slight iron content surfaced into warm dust on the surface. The impurities now at this stage, are presenting uniformly void of visible signs of iron. The slip is a brown-salmon colour. Particle film appears and reappears on the surface of the water once it settles slowly, even following several 100 mesh sieving.

^5 Fire Results= From the results, an estimation of the silica proportion is low due to the dry and slightly crazed surface.

^5 Surface Description= At this temperature, despite seeing the particulates integration into the ceramic surface, the particulate remains without any signs of vitrification or significant change.

ID 5:

[The surface remains unstable. Preserved from the drying process, the fine-line-cracks in the surface occurring during the particulate application separates from itself. Consistent throughout, the surface is an ivory colour that blocks the ceramic surface from appearing on the square tile. Like a heavy blanket, the picture plane is covered by the particulate’s heavy application.]